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Global Outreach

Our platform offers a comprehensive suite tailored to empower our users to communicate and market globally.


Dedicated Team

We are committed to provide fair and secure digital environment, which is trusted and preferred by our customers.


24/7 Support

Our team is always ready to attend to your concerns or feedback relating to our platform.


Business Takeover

Everything you need to sell your business online

Established and crafted in the heart of Singapore, Business-Takeover.com is proud to be serving both Buyers and Business-owners with simplicity and minimalism. We hold a mission to reinvent and change the fundamentals of buying a business in Asia, by integrating technology that grants seamless facilitation on every step of the process. 

We have the vision to create a borderless and frictionless digital space for Business-owners to advertise and communicate with interested parties. Rising to the challenge, we strive to become a reputable platform that is both impactful and efficient to all of our users. We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our platform and services. If you have any feedback or you are interested to list your business with us, we would love to hear from you.

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