Tips on Buying and Operating a Childcare Nursery in Singapore

Written By Business Takeover    Dec 14, 2020

Singapore is a place where you can easily experience a broad variety of preschool placements, along with increased facilities and fees. Among them, childcare nursery is one highly regulated sector in which the operators hold the greater responsibility of keeping preschoolers safe and engaged that will develop the future of the next generation.

If you are considering buying a childcare business to take over in Singapore or want to solely start a childcare business of your own then you must hold some sort of qualifications as well as experience in this sector. However, there are a couple of challenges that complicate the job of child care operators in Singapore. These challenges are mainly on shortage of skills and high lease costs. Hence, it may become tedious to cope with the requirements of nursery going children such as nutritional, developmental, and safety as well.

Look at these best tips if you are planning to buy or run a childcare nursery in Singapore.

A Precise Audit Of A Childcare Business For Sale

All parents wish to have their offspring engaged and nurtured along with nutritional food. However, most of the parents desire safety more above all the factors which is where regulatory compliance comes into the picture.

To accomplish your task of due diligence, kindly consider these factors-

  • Site visit request to see how the childcare nursery operates
  • Available toys and or facilities along with hygiene practices
  • General views and consensus of current admission in the nursery 
  • Compare the competition, other nurseries within proximity raidus of 5 kilometres 
  • Quality of food offered to the children
  • Research about the nursery on Google and see for the reviews over there for positive and negative responses

Also, remember that high fees do not alway correlate or equal to a high quality and standard in all areas. So, visit the nursery in person and look for all the factors mentioned above.

Read on Child Care Center Regulations

If you have decided to run a childcare nursery in Singapore it is highly recommended that you go through the Child Care Centers Regulations under the Child Care Center’s Act and study the obligations. However, this guide implies that the childcare nursery should be open throughout the year except on Sundays and public holidays and the timings should be strict i.e. opening at 7 am and closing at sharp 7 pm.

On the health front, the whole itinerary must be driven towards improving the social, intellectual, physical, and emotional enhancement of the children. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to outline the thought process in writing.

Shortage Of Skills

There is a deficiency of pre-school teachers in this industry where detailed training is demanded and while maintaining a low rate. To cope with these issues, the Government of Singapore had sought a remedy through establishing an Early Childhood Manpower Plan in 2016. This plan provided recent opportunities for professional development and has envisaged the growth of around 5,000 educators to this sector by 2021.

Now that you have some familiarity with the background of this industry then what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a nursery business for sale, then consult Business Takeover and start your business of running a childcare nursery in Singapore with their top-class consultation!